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What Does 420 Mean and How to Celebrate This Stoner Holiday

What Does 420 Mean and How to Celebrate This Stoner Holiday

If you are a fan of cannabis then you’ve probably heard of the term “420.” But what does it actually mean? 420 is essentially a code word for marijuana, and April 20th has become known as a stoner holiday. People celebrate 420 by smoking weed, eating cannabis-infused food, and doing other stoner things. Here is what you need to know about this unofficial stoner holiday and how you can celebrate it.

5 Myths About The Meaning Of 420

5 Myths About 420

First of all, there are a lot of myths about what 420 actually means. It comes as no surprise that some of these myths stem from trying to demonize cannabis culture. However, some of these myths sound like someone who was stoned came up with. Here are some myths about what 420 means:

Police Code for Cannabis

According to California law enforcement authorities, 420 does not indicate drug-related calls because other criminal codes in the United States or other countries have different rules.

A Bob Dylan Song

The Bob Dylan song “Rainy Day Women #12 & 35“, if  you do the math and add 12 X 35 equals 420. However, there’s nothing to back up this claim aside from the multiplication of both numbers.

Bob Marley

Another myth is that reggae artist Bob Marley’s birthday or death day is on 4/20. Unfortunately Bob Marley’s Birthday is on 02/06/1945 and he died on 05/11/1981. This is more of that stoner talk we all theorize but it’s not true.


It’s rumored that the quantity of chemicals discovered in marijuana is 420. This is another one that is not true. However, there are roughly 400 known compounds in cannabis but not exactly 420.

Hitler’s Birthday

This is one of those myths that try to demonize cannabis culture by claiming that stoners get high in commemoration of Hitler’s birthday. Although Hitler was born on April 20th the cannabis community represents everything that is opposite to Hitler’s ideology.  

The True 420 Origin Story: How It All Began

Group of hippies singing

The term 420 first became popular in the 1970s when a group of high school students in San Rafael, California used it as a code word to refer to cannabis. The students would meet up at 4:20 pm on the quad after school to smoke weed together.

The term gradually started to be used more broadly and eventually became associated with Marijuana culture. Today, people all over the world use 420 to celebrate their love of cannabis on April 20th.

Although the origin is pretty straight forward, it makes sense why 4/20 would be recognized as a stoner holiday. The Spring weather is perfect to light up outside and dispensaries usually offer their best deals on this day.

Best 420 Deals In Palm Springs

Woman using a vape in the outdoors

If you’re celebrating 420 in Palm Springs then you need to check out our dispensary for some of the best deals in town. We have different cannabis strains, edibles, vape products, and even topicals; there is a little something for everyone at our dispensary. Here are a few of our favorite 420-friendly products:

Camino Edibles

There are so many gummy flavors to choose from, it feels like a kid in a candy store. These powerful THC gummies don’t just taste great, they’ll get you lifted! Enjoy the power of THC when you pick up some of your favorite cannabis goodies this 420 holiday.


A great way to get in the 420 spirits is by picking up a pack of CANN-infused Cannabis social tonic. They are carbonated and don’t give you a hangover like hard seltzers do. Also, each can come with the right amount of THC to get you in the festive mood.

Jetty Extracts

Vaping is becoming more popular within the cannabis community. We carry Jetty Extracts Pre-rolls along with 510 thread cartridges. If you’re a fan of smoking or vaping Jetty Extracts has some top-shelf products that are sold at our dispensary.

View The Brands We Carry: Cannabis Brands

Dispensary Deals

Dispensary Deals

Now that you know about some of the products that we carry, celebrate 420 by visiting our dispensary in Palm Springs. The 3 big sales that we have going are the BOGO 1 penny, Spend $20, and Spend $50 get a free t-shirt + a pre-roll deal.

Buy 1 Get 1 For a Penny

Buy 1 item and get another item of equal or lesser value for a penny. That means that if you purchase a cartridge, get another cartridge that costs the same for just 1 cent. 

Spend $20 and Get a Free Lighter

If you come into our dispensary we don’t want you to walk away empty-handed. Therefore, we’re offering a free lighter with any purchase over $20. Unless you come in just to use the restroom chances are you’re walking away with a free lighter. These lighters have our branding on them so you can remember who got you high (if that’s even possible).

Purchase $50 and Get a Free Extrax T-shirt & Preroll

For a limited time, spend $50 or more and receive a free T-shirt and pre-roll! This is more of a thank you to everyone who has stopped by to support us. We want you to look good and be able to puff on a pre-roll while you represent the dispensary. Our goal is to keep you high enough to where you enjoy yourself not only on 4/20 but every day.

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What Does 420 Mean and How to Celebrate This Stoner Holiday - Conclusion

Why has this date become as popular as it did? People really love cannabis and they love to celebrate. It only makes sense to pick 1 day out of the year where you can really appreciate it and relax. Although many myths surround this date and the fact that a couple of kids from California popularized this term; one thing that remains is that you’ll find great deals on this day compared to any other day of the year.