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How To Roll A Blunt: A Step By Step Guide

How to to roll a blunt

Your blunt rolling skills may not be pro, but that’s ok! You’ve come to the right place. This step-by-step guide will teach you everything you need to know about rolling the perfect blunts. Whether a beginner or an experienced smoker, these tips will help you improve your blunt rolling skills. Also, you’ll learn about where to get the best cannabis in the Palm Springs area.

Everything You Need To Roll The Perfect Blunt

roll the perfect blunt
  • Weed – How much weed do I need? You might ask. First, you need your favorite marijuana strain to roll a blunt; or you’ll need an empty cigar wrapper (or simply a cigar). You’ll need 1 – 2 grams of flower (cannabis).
  • Blunt wraps – If you’re a seasoned smoker, you probably understand the importance of blunt wraps, joint wraps, or rolling papers. Blunt papers or wrappers are somewhat different from regular joint wraps; The wrap that surrounds the tobacco leaf is what sets a blunt apart from other cigars. You can get rolling papers like RAW Black single wide rolling papers, or you can buy a cigar and empty it out.
  • Weed grinder –  Grinders are the key to a perfect consistency. A weed grinder will make your smoking experience more consistent and effortless. It’ll save you time and clean up!
  • Rolling tray – Rolling blunts might get messy, especially when smoked. Aside from emptying the contents of a cigar (if you’re using a wrap), you may also find yourself rolling a blunt with your fingers. A rolling tray is an ideal surface for rolling your marijuana blunt. It’s not essential, but it’s helpful to have around to avoid waste and a mess.
  • Lighter – We recommend using a lighter because they’re more common and less of a hassle than using matches.

The Basics Of Rolling A Blunt

How to roll a blunt

The basics of rolling a blunt: Start by finding a good quality cigar. The brand doesn’t matter, but make sure it’s fresh and not dry. Cut off one end of the cigar and empty the tobacco. You can save the tobacco to use later or discard it.

Next, take your cannabis and grind it up into small pieces. The finer, the better; this will make rolling the blunt easier. Now it’s time to roll! Start by placing the cannabis in the middle of the cigar wrapper. Slowly start rolling it up, making sure to tuck in the sides as you go.

Grind the Weed

Rolling a weed blunt starts in much the same way as rolling a traditional joint: grinding your buds. Doing the prep work first makes the entire process go much more smoothly. With your weed ready to go in advance, the process feels seamless because there is no need to stop in the middle of what you’re doing to grind.

You could break down your buds with your hands, but it isn’t the most efficient (or clean) technique. Grinders make the process easier; they give a more constant grind without making your hands dirty.

Prepare Blunt Wraps

Now it’s time to prepare your blunt wraps after you have crushed your cannabis. You may either start from scratch or use a thin empty paper to make a new cigar wrap. If you choose the former, you’ll need a knife (or another sharp instrument) to break down the cigar.

While manually breaking down the cigar, be wary of ripping the wrap. A blade makes things go faster and easier. After opening the cigar, empty the tobacco inside.

Wet Blunt Wrap

The next step is to fill the blunt wrap with your marijuana. Rolling trays come in handy during this process and are incredibly beneficial. The technique is simple yet effective.

  • Place your thumb and index finger on either side of the fold and push down firmly while you rub with your other hand. Try to work with your marijuana using my non-dominant hand so that you can have easier access to it.
  • Next, carefully begin filling it. Take a pinch of your cannabis at a time and drop it down the length of the wrap. Keep in mind how much you use.
  • While you want it to be complete, you don’t want to overstuff it. You’ll still need to be able to roll the wrap back up and close it after all this.

Fill the Weed Blunt

To make your blunt wraps, start by filling them with grounded-up weed. If you have a rolling tray, then use that to help form an inside trough for holding the wrapper in one hand while using fingers from your other arm (or both)

Do most work depositing pinches of weed along its length; remember not overstuffing but still making sure there’s enough left. Upon finishing, the wrapping can quickly seal back up without any gaps or holes.

Roll and Seal the Blunt

The final step before the marijuana blunt is smokeable; you’ll have to roll and seal it. To achieve this, carefully move the wrapper between your fingers to distribute your cannabis throughout the wrapper evenly. You don’t want lumpy spots or bulges.

Bring one edge of the wrapper over your weed and tuck it under the other side with your blunt. Then, to seal it, use saliva or water. Lick the inside of the blunt wrap and press it down if you’re using your saliva.

Dispensary Delivery

If you don’t have your weed handy, don’t worry. You can have your weed delivered with our Dispensary Delivery service. If or when you are in the Palm Springs, California area, make sure to get the best weed possible for your blunts at Extrax Palm Springs Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery.

Light. Smoke. Enjoy!

Roll a blunt

You’ve made it! Once you’re ready to light up! First, bake your weed blunt by holding the flame of a lighter against its seam along one side until blackness appears on the paper – this will secure any loose ends, so they don’t go everywhere when burning (or smoking). Next, inhale through either end while enjoying the slow burn of a perfect blunt.

Now that you know how easy it is to roll a blunt, there’s no excuse not to try it yourself. Just remember to take your time, be patient, and have fun. If you want to skip all the rolling, we have a wide selection of prerolls and blunts you can choose from at our dispensary in Palm Springs, California. If you’re looking for some top-shelf cannabis in Palm Springs, be sure to check out our menu and stop by our dispensary.