Extrax Premium Cannabis CO.

The Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. products are designed for a unique and potent experience. Select your new favorite Live Resin, Disposables, Cartridges, or PreRolls. Learn More About Them!

Premium Disposables

With Live Resin

Extrax Premium Cannabis Co.

Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. Disposable Pens are infused with Live Resin and will provide you with a top-shelf disposable THC pen experience. These THC disposables are filled with the highest quality, solventless cannabis oil available, and will provide you with a smooth, flavorful hit every time.

Whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home, these pens offer an easy and convenient way to enjoy premium THC without having to worry about any cleanup or setup.

Hybrid THC Disposable

• Lemonade Kush

• Purple Punch

Sativa THC Disposable

• Ekto Kooler

• Orange Creamsicle

Indica THC Disposable

• Berry Gelato

Cannabis Pre Rolls

If you’re looking for an incredible cannabis experience, Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. has exactly what you need. Our 1g Pre Rolls are filled with over 25% THC and contain only the finest flowers. The Sativa dominant Sour Lemon is super smooth and it contains just enough THC to get your mood up. The Indica dominant Kush Cake OG is the perfect pre roll for a body high that will allow you to enjoy your end of day peacefully. Our Hybrid dominant Wedding Party will give you the most well-balanced high at any time of the day.

Whether you’re looking to lift your mood or feel on cloud nine, we have a strain for you. So don’t wait any longer and order your Extrax today!

Sativa Pre Rolls

• Sour Lemon

Hybrid Pre Rolls

• Wedding Party

Indica Pre Rolls

• Kush Cake OG

Extrax Premium Cannabis Co.

Premium Cartridge

With Live Resin

Extrax Premium Cannabis Co.

Our Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. Premium Cartridges are made with Live Resin for a truly unique and potent experience. These Top-of-the-line THC cartridges will give you a heady and cerebral high that will last for hours. And because it’s made with live resin, you’ll get all the complex flavor and aroma profiles that this fantastic cannabis has to offer. Don’t miss out on these amazing THC cartridges – grab your Extrax Palm Springs today!

Hybrid Vape Cartridge

• Wedding Cake

• Orange Runtz

Indica Vape Cartridge

• Lime Sorbet

• Blackberry Kush

Sativa Cartridge

• Maui Wouie

Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. 

Our premium cannabis products can be delivered to your home, office, or hotel room in Palm Springs and Cathedral City. Check out Extrax Premium Cannabis Co. and if you want to cop some, visit Extrax Palm Springs.