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Extrax Palm Springs is Open for Business

New Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

On April 1st. Extrax Palm Springs finally opened its doors and we’re now offering premium Cannabis products. Our cannabis dispensary is located within 5 minutes from the Palm Springs Airport (PSP). Here is what you can expect from our 1st cannabis dispensary in Palm Springs.

New Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

New Cannabis Dispensary in Palm Springs

It’s been years in the making but our parent company – Delta Extrax finally got the approval late last year to open up a cannabis dispensary. Although it’s been a good transition from Hemp to Marijuana; we are ready to take on what our customers have been requesting for a long time – Cannabis.

Delta Extrax

The reason why this dispensary is monumental is because Delta Extrax started off as a Hemp company. We lead the market in Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, HHC, THC-O, THCP, and other cannabinoids. So for us to finally do for Cannabis what we’ve been doing for Hemp; it’s going to be epic.

Under Delta Extrax we introduced the Hemp world to some unique cannabinoids and were first to market for a lot of products. Although Hemp-derived cannabinoids have been around for many years, we helped popularize them. We accomplished this by taking unique strains and mixing them with other Hemp-derived cannabinoids. This resulted in some unique highs in a process known as the entourage effect.

Although Hemp derived THC is at the height of its popularity, it still doesn’t compare to Cannabis (Delta 9 THC). We love Hemp and think it’s an amazing plant, but we feel that a lot of our customers would love us even more if we offered Cannabis products as well.

Extrax Palm Springs

Our Cannabis dispensary had its soft opening on Friday, April 1. If you were not there to see the doors open for the first time, no worries. We’re planning to have a grand opening within the next couple of weeks. You definitely don’t want to miss the grand opening! We’re going to make it a big event and have some exclusive deals available for that day only.

Now that you know a little bit about our history, let’s talk cannabis. We have over 200 products in stock and carry some of the most popular cannabis brands. Also, we know that you may have your preferred way of enjoying cannabis. We carry a little bit of everything for you to enjoy from blunts, concentrates, edibles, flower, prerolls, and more. 

What you can expect from our cannabis dispensary in the near future is a delivery option. We’re in the process of finalizing our online delivery option which is expected to be fast and convenient. However, this option is not just going to be available for cannabis delivery to your home or apartment. If you’re down in the Coachella Valley for the weekend, we’re going to be able to drop it off to you. All we need is a valid ID, cash payment, and that’s it!

Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

Best Dispensary in Palm Springs

Not to get ahead of ourselves but our goal is to be the best dispensary in Palm Springs, which we’re hoping will lead to more stores in more cities. We’ve come a long way from our humble beginning as a Hemp company. What started off as an idea to sell Delta 8 THC has grown into a store that sells actual Marijuana. You can expect to see some great deals, high quality products, a cannabis delivery service, and more stores in the near future.