Dispensary DEALS

We’re proud to offer the best Dispensary Deals in Palm Springs, California, and surrounding areas. Come stop by our retail location to see the best deals on cannabis! *IN-STORE ONLY*

Palm Springs Dispensary Deals

Bogo Deals

Extrax Hydro Bubbler B1G1*– Buy An Extrax Hydro Bubbler, Get An Extrax 1G Cartridge For A Penny

Apex B1G1*– Buy An Apex 1G Emerald Label Concentrate, Get An Apex 1G Ivory Label Concentrate For A Penny

Buy Any Panacea, Get a Lolo Tres Leches For A Penny

Yula B1G1 – Buy Any Yula Premium, Get A Yula Premium For A Penny

Wonderbrett B1G1 – Buy A Wonderbrett 3.5G, Get A Wonderbrett Smalls 3.5G For A Penny

50% Off Deals

420 Kingdom


Humboldt Mini Flower

Dr. Norms 100mg Single Dose Cookie

Connected Brand

Connected Pre-Rolls

Uptown Blue Raspberry Gummies


Special Deals


Get 2 Apex Ivory Label Concentrates For $35

All Leune Brand Are 25% Off

West Coast Cure 7G Smalls 20% Off

Raw Gardens Concentrate 20% Off

Dispensary Deals Near Me

Be sure to check out our dispensary deals and try some of our Extrax brand cannabis products. Also, if you sign up for our newsletter you can be informed of any events or deals that we have coming up. Come visit our dispensary in Palm Springs, California, or schedule a delivery. **Weekly Deals In-Store Only**