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Celebrate Labor Day With Our Penny Carnival Sale

Labor Day Sale

Welcome to our Labor Day Penny Carnival sale, Extrax Fam! In honor of the holiday, we’re giving you an amazing deal on all of your favorite products. If you’re a weed smoker, then this is the Extrax Palm Springs sale for you because you will essentially be taking home some of the best cannabis products in the market for basically free.

With our Labor Day Penny Carnival, for every $45 you spend you will get 1 carnival ticket. With each ticket, you will have one spin on our redemption wheel. Each spin will get you the product you land on for 1 penny in-store only. We’ve got everything from flower to concentrates to edibles, and we’re giving them to you for 1 penny. So come on in this Labor Day weekend starting on Friday, September 2nd, 2022, to September 4th, 2022 and stock up before the sale ends. Please keep reading to learn more. 🇺🇲

What Is Labor Day All About

Worker holding his helmet and an American flag

First off, let’s take a quick look at why we celebrate Labor Day in the first place. Many people believe that Labor Day is simply the end of summer, but it is actually much more than that. According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day is a federally recognized holiday that celebrates the achievements of American workers. The first Labor Day was celebrated on September 5, 1882, in New York City, and the holiday soon spread to other states. “The holiday is rooted in the late nineteenth century when labor activists pushed for a federal holiday to recognize the many contributions workers have made to America’s strength, prosperity, and well-being” (Department of Labor).

Labor Day is celebrated by workers across the country, who enjoy a day off from work and often use the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. The holiday remains an important part of American culture and a celebration of the hard-working men and women who make our country what it is today.

How We Benefit From Labor Day

Labor Day is a great time to relax and unwind from the stresses of work. For many of us, it’s also a time to reflect on the contributions of workers throughout the country. Here’s a list of what sprouted from Labor Day:

  • Fewer Work Hours Per Day
  • Family-Friendly Work Environments
  • Time Off To Care For Loved Ones
  • Higher Wages
  • Better Work Benefits
  • Work-Place Safety
  • The Weekend
  • Federal Holiday Labor Day Off To Enjoy Your Favorite Weed

Wow, Labor Day is amazing, so let’s enjoy this marvelous Federal Holiday 🥳

Cannabis Products For 1 Penny

Sale on products

Now that you have a bit more knowledge of why you are celebrating Labor Day, let’s get into what you will be celebrating it. One of the main prizes will be a Cannabis Goodie Bag, it will be loaded with cannabis accessories and there might even be a special treat in there 🤑

You will be able to win prizes from the following cannabis brands: Lost Farms, Extrax Cannabis Products, Humboldt Farms, Korova, Apex, Wonder Bret, Leune, and many others.

The prizes will come in the form of flower, edibles, and vapes, among others. So don’t miss this special!

How You Should Use Cannabis Strains During Labor Day

Stocking up on your favorite cannabis strains around Labor Day is an easy choice. But it can be difficult to know which options to pick with so many available. Here are some suggestions to guide your decision-making for Labor Day festivities:

Choose a Sativa-dominant strain if you want to stay energetic and awake over the long weekend. These strains are renowned for their energetic and uplifting effects, making them ideal for outdoor events like barbecues and picnics.

An Indica-dominant strain will be your greatest buddy if you need to unwind and unwind after a stressful week. These strains are perfect for chill evenings in or leisurely days spent lounging about because they often induce sensations of intense relaxation and serenity.

Finally, use a hybrid strain if you want the best of all worlds. These strains are ideal for any activity or atmosphere because they provide a well-balanced mix of Sativa and Indica effects.

Whatever your plans are for Labor Day weekend, cannabis strains can help make it even better! So buy all sorts and have fun! 😎

Celebrate Labor Day With Extrax

So come Celebrate Labor Day with Extrax Palm Springs and enjoy the Penny Festival. Remember, our select cannabis products are just 1 penny for each $45 spent from September 2nd through the 4th. This is your chance to stock up on all of your favorites or try something new. If you’re in the Palm Springs, California area, stop by our dispensary and join the party, we have plenty of good vibes for everyone. Make sure to celebrate Labor Day with Extrax Palm Springs! 🇺🇲