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Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis in Palm Springs

Beginner's Guide to Cannabis in Palm Springs

Extrax Palm Springs is gaining a lot of popularity among the local community in Palm Springs. We’re quickly becoming known for our affordable top-shelf cannabis products; and we would like to invite you into an elevated cannabis experience. In this beginners guide’s guide to cannabis in Palm Springs you’ll learn about dispensary requirements, how to communicate with your budtender, and how to save money by looking for deals.

Cannabis Education

Cannabis Education

Cannabis affects everyone differently and because of this our budtenders are very knowledgeable and willing to give you some useful tips. There is a lot to consider when purchasing your first cannabis product vs. some who is experienced. For example, you might want to get something CBD heavy for your first purchase.

This is because CBD tends to balance out the effects of THC. However, if you have experience with THC then you might want to get something that’s more THC heavy vs. CBD heavy. Although CBD is non-psychoactive, it helps balance out the high so that you don’t feel too high. In other words, CBD tends to help mellow you out so that you don’t get jittery if you are sensitive to THC.


We recommended to you start off with a small amount of THC first, something with a low percentage of THC. When it comes to Cannabis Flower – you’ll want something that has less than 20% of THC content; also, for ingestible such as tinctures or edibles, you’ll want something with 5mg or less of THC.

Cannabis produces a chemical compound called cannabinoids. It’s these cannabinoids that give the plant certain properties. Cannabis plants naturally produce cannabinoids called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol).

The THC compound is mostly responsible for the euphoric high, while CBD has shown to produce more mellow properties that tend to be more calming. Various strains of cannabis contain different cannabinoids and different products have a higher percentage of THC than others.


There’s different ways to enjoy cannabis and each method can hit you differently. For example, an edible may take longer to kick in, but it can be really potent depending on how much you take. Therefore, if you’re a first time user we recommend taking between 3 – 5mg of THC at a time.

Otherwise, experienced users can get away with taking 15 – 20mg of THC depending on the individual tolerance. Also, you’ll find certain strains more desirable than others as you begin to explore different products. You might be looking for something more calming so you go with an Indica strain. However, a Sativa strain with low amounts THC might also do the trick as it promotes uplifting properties but only enough to feel the effects.

The highest strength cannabis products are usually concentrates that are consumed through a process called dabbing. This is because concentrates tend to get you high as fast as possible but most of the other cannabis properties have been removed. In other words, you’re getting pure THC at its most effectiveness. However, usually Terpenes and other cannabinoids are not re-added to balance out the high.

Cannabis Dispensary Requirements

Cannabis in jars

There are certain requirements that you must adhere to when visiting a dispensary in Palm Springs. A visitor must present a government-issued ID when entering a dispensary. Valid IDs include state issued ID, a Driver’s Licenses, Passport, and any other document issued by a government agency. Unfortunately student ID’s and bank cards with your picture do not constitute as a valid IUD.

The reason why the rules are so strict is because possession of Cannabis products is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 in California*. In addition to these laws, not every landlord allows the use of cannabis at the dispensary. Although you might have purchased your cannabis legally, you will need to smoke it/use it on private property. 

The use of cannabis can vary depending on the dispensary but for the most part wait to use your products until you get home or to your destination. Also, driving while high is the same as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of alcohol so be sure you’re not driving high as a precaution.

*Source: California Marijuana Laws

Can Dispensaries Accept Debit?

Banking remains a challenge for the industry, but Debit and Credit Cards are accepted at our Dispensary in Palm Springs. However, we have an ATM conveniently located inside of our store. Also, we are next to major shopping centers that have ATMs from major banks.

Communicate Your Needs To Our Budtenders

Dispensary Requirements

It can be tough for newbies to decide what to buy, so always ask your budtenders any questions that you may have about strains or products. A budtender is there to make sure that you leave happy with your purchase. Also, you can find out which products are new, popular, or the best fit based on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Everyone is different – so, because of that you might be looking for something to relax with. On the contrary, maybe you have a busy weekend and want to enjoy it even more with something that’s going to keep you up. Let your budtender know for what specifically you’re hoping to use cannabis for and they should be able to take it from there.

There’s an old saying: “A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.” In this case, a closed mouth doesn’t get high. Therefore, there are tons of products out there waiting to be smoked, dabbed, ingested, etc. Let an expert help you pick something that’s going to be right for you based on your needs.

First Time Customer Deals

Another question that you may want to ask your budtender is the 1st time customer deals. Every dispensary loves first-time customers and they usually have the best deals available if you’ve never shopped with them before. Usually, the deal will be a free gift or percentage discount off your first order.

Secondly, you should ask your budtender for any other active deals. The deals will normally be located either on the dispensary’s website or on their WeedMaps or Leafly directory. Another great place to look for deals is Yelp. You can check if they have check-in deals, and also find out if there’s any rewards program that you can sign up for.

Although it may seem like a lot of extra work, it’s totally worth it if you can save a couple of extra dollars or walk away with free products. One last thing, 4/20 deals are a great way to really cash in on some great deals. Don’t be shy to ask your budtender about their current deals or upcoming sales.

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Palm Springs Cannabis Dispensary

Cannabis In Palm Springs

We understand that there are tons of cannabis dispensaries in Palm Springs, but none can compare to Extrax Palm Springs. Our friendly staff is more than willing to help and educate you on what’s currently popular in the cannabis world. Also, you can expect some of the lowest prices on top-shelf cannabis products in town.